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PlattformWindows und Mac
GenreAction Adventure, Platformer
PEGI ab 12 Jahren empfohlen
PEGI ab 12 Jahren empfohlen

Seite für das Spiel Uncracked vom Team Xternisten.



Uncracked is an Eggtion Advention Platformer about the eggold question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. Travel through different periods in time and eggsplore a level in every era. Defeat bosses and work your way to the time and place where it all began.

Game Look


Uncracked is a 2D Platformer with a relative simple style that has comic and cartoon elements.

Target Audience

The game is directed to all agegroups above the age of 12 years, because the game includes violence and some adult humor.

Similar Games

The gameplay and mechanics are inspired by Cuphead and other platfromers alike.

Stylewise the game has a cartoony look, much like the game Scribblenauts.


The story puts you in the spot of the scientist G.G. Domestikus who is hired by a college to research the species Gallus gallus aka the chicken. Upon your investigations you stumble upon the question about the chicken and the egg. Intrigued by the many failed attempts of scientists trying to answer this seemingly impossible question, you start developing a time travel machine powered by chicken DNA. The machine can only take you as far as the family tree inside the chickens DNA stretches back in time. So you travel through time searching for chickens to extract DNA from to continue your journey. On your way you'll notice that you're being followed. A secret cult has been guarding the answer for centuries. Why? You don't know, but you will find out. You'll eggsperience different cultural epochs and eras only to find the single most important truth.



G.G. Domestikus is a well accomplished scientist in the field of biology. All his life he has been studying animals, not only the lab but also in the wild. Over the years he published many papers (e.g. "The impact of cars on hamsters."-2005, "The big bird study - can they fly without bones?"-2018). Lately he has been picked up by an university to do research on chickens.


"The Keepers" is a secret cult running an underground manipulation scheme affecting research worldwide in all departments working with chickens. They swore to protect the one and only truth. Throughout the levels the player will have to defeat lesser cultists and at the end of every level one of the 10 leaders.


Main Quest

The main objective is to reach the beginning of the existence of chickens... or eggs.

Side Quests

You need to complete each time period to find another chicken, which you can use to travel further back in time. Inside the levels you encounter the Keepers who will try to stop you on your path. Try to get to the next chicken and extract its DNA in the pursuit of science.


Basic Resources

The protagonist has 3 lives and can lose them by fighting against enemies. He also carries ammunition, which is an infinite ressource but the weapons have to be reloaded.


The scientist created and carries an Egg Riffle and an Egg Launcher, which can both be used to fight against the evil cult member.

The Egg Riffle is a fast firing weapon which is precise but only does little damage. The Egg Launcher fires slow but high damage dealing projectile which can also hit more than one enemy at a time.



In every Level there are enemies and obstacles the player has to defeat/overcome. The enemies will shoot at you and every hit will take away one of your lives. You can defeat them with one of your weapons or rush by them if you are fast enough. If you fall off of platforms or into holes the player loses a life and has to restart on either a checkpoint or if none is yet activated at the start of the level. Throughout the game the are more and more dangerous obstacles added like eggshells which take away 1 life if stepped on. If the player has no lives are left the level will be restarted.


G.G. Domestikus' movement is controlled by WASD and Space keys. The player can aim at enemies using the mouse cursor and shoot by pressing the left mouse button. It is possible to switch back and forth between weapons anytime by pressing 1, 2 or using the mouse wheel. When using the Egg Riffle the player needs to constantly track the enemies with the mouse and it is only possible to hit one at a time. With the Egg Launcher the player clicks on a spot that is within the weapon range and a projectile will be launched damaging all enemies near the impact.

Outcome (Spoiler!)

The game ends as the finals cultist boss is defeated and the last chicken is collected.

The time machine will take you now to the beginning of time, where there is nothing but a black void. G.G. Domestikus floats in nothingness and thinks he failed his attempt to find the truth, but then a giant egg floats into the frame. He cheers in excitement and is relieved he hasn't wasted all this time to pursue a dead end. He jumps into his time machine and ports back into the present. After he's gone the void is filled with light and a enormous cosmic chicken is seen standing up from its nest to look at the egg.

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