Styx & Bones

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This is the Level Design of Schrödinger inside of a bag inside of a bag for Game Design Fundamentals.


The player is in the underworld and has to collect souls to throw them into Tartarus at the end of the level. Alternatively: the player is travelling in the underworld and collects coins along the way to pay Charon at the end of the level and cross the Styx.

The goal is to make it into the Underworld by passing through the hellfire at the bottom of the level. The player needs to have collected all of the 3 souls that are hidden throughout the level. Skills the player needs are: running & jumping. The most common obstacles are spikes, lava and enemies in the form of floating skulls as well as crumbling platforms that pose a risk when used. In the last cave, a special mechanic gets introduced where the player moves the platforms alongside himself. The player has to adjust and navigate a certain way to get to the last soul. There is one way only, and that is down.

Implementation and Download

We drew our own sprites and background and also added in sound effects, a walk cycle animation and music.

Normal platforms: solid behaviour, jump through behaviour for some.

Moving platforms: solid + sine behaviour, vertical.

crumbling platforms: solid + jump through, destroy on collision with player

special platforms: solid + jump through + 8direction movement (45° left & right, different speeds)

Reset button: on collision with player: set position of moving platforms back to certain point

Text: appears through invisible triggers.

Construct 3 file: Styx & Bones

Game Interface

Other changes:

  • Changes in music (title screen, game over screen, end screen), new SFX
  • Animation for falling
  • Start- End- und Gameover Screen


Distribution of tasks/roles within the team:

Background Artist: Ally

Animation Artist: Anna

Programming Lead, Level Design: Elisa & Amelie

Sound, Music: Ki

>>Download C3P file: Datei:STYXNBONES