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A Game Design idea of the Goos 👻.

Goodisey is an action adventure RPG indie game in production by austrian indie studio Goos and is set to release for PC and Nintendo Switch in the year 2025.

PlattformPC, Nintendo Switch, NES, SNES, SEGA GENESIS
GenreAction Adventure RPG
SpielmodusSingle Player
USK ab 7 freigegeben
USK ab 7 freigegeben
PEGI ab 7 Jahren empfohlen
PEGI ab 7 Jahren empfohlen


Goodissey has the player manage their family shop during and go exploring the numerous dimensions in order to gather goodies/resources to progress in the game. Shop keeping involves managing goodies and receiving money, which the player can invest to upgrade the town/his equipment and buy resources to help him traverse the numerous dimensions. When not in the shop, the player explores the dimensions in which he must adapt to the dangerous conditions of the respective dimensions. The game has you explore dimensions like the Water World, Shadow Realm, Flower World, and Monster World, and more.

Core Idea

Goodissey is a top down, pixel art style game, in which you gather Goodies from different worlds and bring them home to build up your shop. There are four unique worlds to explore with varying resources to collect and challenges to master in order to bring your Goodies home.

Bring the right equipment – collect as much Goodies as you can – Upgrade your shop and equipment – Repeat!

Unique Selling Points

Goodissey is a neatly designed exploring and build-up game, it is a relaxing experience that keeps you interested by letting you upgrade your shop, and by populating the town around you as you progress. At the launch of the game, you can explore four unique worlds in your expeditions, more are planned as DLCs. Due to the design of the game, infinite DLCs are possible, and gameplay captivates for a long time.

Game Mechanics


The player has an item inventory that has to be managed before engaging in an expedition. The inventory has limited spaced that can be filled up with helpful equipment that can be used during the expedition. Different items have different importance in different worlds.

For example: The oxygen tank is vital for the water world, because it is needed nearly everywhere, but the sword is only helpful sometimes, because there are only a few spots with enemies.

The player has to decide what he needs for what expedition.


The player can upgrade his tools, his inventory spaces, and the shop as a whole. Tool upgrades improves their usefulness and help the player advance further into the worlds during expeditions. Inventory upgrades let the player bring more tools and therefore help the player gather more resources while on expeditions. Shop upgrades are expensive but give the player milestones to reach, a higher level shop sells better tool and inventory upgrades and also brand new tools.


The player chooses which world to travel to for an expedition, during which he collects as many Goodies (=resources) as he can and tries to bring them home. Unique obstacles hinder the player to stay in the world, which the player can fight with his tools. Every Tool helps the player in some way in every world, but every world has a main feature that makes one specific tool essential, like an oxygen tank in the water world, a sword in the monster world, tinder boxes for the shadow world and running shoes for the plant world.

There are more tools that help the player in some way, but those 4 are the main tools for the four worlds.

Basic Mechanics:

Player Movement (WASD)

Tool Use (SPACE)

Switch Tool (Q – E)

Gather Resource (by moving over them)

Navigate through shop with Mouse


Goodissey starts in the main characters bedroom, which is connected to the shop. At the beginning stage, the shop looks shabby and neglected. It is set on a meadow with not much around, except the four dimensions.

The recurring theme is that you need to gather different items to better survive and gather items in each of these four worlds.

Water World

This dimension is set underwater, the player can swim through, but has to watch out as the air is limited. To be able to spend more time in this environment, the player can equip their character with an oxygen tank.

Shadow World

As this world is a confusing labyrinth with many traps to look out for and is also completely dark, you need to take a light source with you in order to effectively move around.

Flower World

Once you enter this dimension, you have to be fast. This area starts out as a desert with only one tiny plant to pick up. As soon as the player carries the plant, the world becomes luscious and green, but you have to keep the plant alive (by gathering soil and water drops) in order to benefit and find otherwise hidden resources. You can put the plant inside a pot to prevent losing the soil and therefore spend more time in this dimension.

Monster World

More and more enemies (monsters) appear and try to attack the player. By equipping the character with a weapon, you are able to survive longer.

Layout example

Potentially more to come ;)


You are the child of a shop owner. You provide your little village with all sorts of of resource that you and your father collect in the nearby areas.

But one day your father leaves you in charge of the shop. As he does not return for days, you get worried and start searching for him while still maintaining the shop.


The main goal of the game is to take care of your family's shop by expanding and upgrading it with the items you collected.

Another (main) goal is to explore the mystery of your missing father. There are several hints to be found throughout the dimensions .

Art Style und Game Look

Darkness inspo
Shop Inspiration
Ready for adventure Inspiration
Overworld Inspo


Rated PEGI 7 for Violence. There is mild violence towards characters that lacks any apparent harm or injury. Battles result in the loss of health points but no visible injuries.

Game Art


Live Waspo
Debris Waspo

Character and Equipment

Flower World Pot - Potald
Player Character "Goody"

Environment Art - Flower World

Screenshot of gameplay